Tuesday, June 24, 2008

#12 Web/Blog Sites To Know and Love

But first of all, myriad readers, let me recommend the newly upgraded Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (it's opensource/free) as your browser. Better, faster, more secure than MSExplorer. Bookmark toolbar, tab browsing and other very cool features have got the latter beat. I've used FF now for several years after MSExp tended moreover to CRASH whenever it wanted. Give it a try.
Here are some sites that I go to regularly(you can google these to get the right dot-thing): Drudge, Huff, Slate, Salon, TabloidColumn, Politico, Alternet, LiveScience, DailyKos, CrooksAndLiars, Reason, Edge, Fark, Onion, RottenTomatoes, Cracked, AskMen, BoingBoing, MentalFloss, Seed, BadIdea, CafePhilos,BadAstronomy, and LifeHacker (for true geekdom). Give any one of them a try. These are the most interesting on the Web, and represent the definitive psychological profile of a crazed blogman.

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