Friday, June 20, 2008

#9 A step on the five-fold path

"When you cultivate to the utmost the principles of your NATURE and exercise them on the principle of RECIPROCITY, you are not far from the path. What you do not like done unto yourself, do not do to others"--Kung Fu Tzu, Golden Mean 500 B.C. In this version of the "golden rule"--all civilized societies eventually came up with it-- Confucius adds the qualifier "liking" (which I like) to the usual do-unto-others paradigm. Very civilized, indeed. Morality EVOLVES! More on this and Umberto Eco in a later post.


Lynn said...

I am impressed==it is truly "daily." My LiveJournal has lengthy lacunae because my life is often too boring to believe.
Tim Russert was 58. I'm now 58. I shall do all in my power not to leave my children behind just yet. I have found that death is just way too permanent.

jdmiii said...

What about revisiting Umberto Eco? Huh? When is that going to happen.

Hi Lynn.