Wednesday, June 18, 2008

#7 Mad Blogger Endorses Obama

Well, why not.... I've voted in only two national elections. Both were anti-war votes--against the SAME WAR: Vietnam. In 1964 I hated LBJ, for JFK's sake, and I thought as a strict Libertarian (at the time) that Barry Goldwater would get us out of these goofy "foreign entanglements" (Bay of Pigs was a year earlier) plaguing us. For sure McGovern would have ended Vietnam in 1972, before Nixon killed another 20,000+ Americans. (How's that for voting both ends of the political spectrum?!) Both my candidates lost, and I haven't voted for President since.***

We've got another Vietnam to get out of, and with the Democrats in control of Congress, Obama could do it, if he's true to his word. If he can fix health care too, I'm fine with that. But get us the hell out of the bloody, benighted, putrefied, tribal, god-besotted, frozen-in-1400A.D Arab Middle East, which is not worth one more soldier dying for, a fortiori the 5000+ who already have.

(***In one to vote for. The Chicago convention ruined Humphrey, already sullied by five years of Johnson, and Nixon appeared to me to be the sociopathic bottom-feeder he became. So I stayed home election day '68, and sadly watched Al Gore Sr. come a cropper in Tennessee, too.)

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