Friday, June 13, 2008

#3 Beyond Carpe Diem

I'll get to the purposes of this preposterous blogundertaking in a future "daily," but to descant a bit on Mistress Siduri's carpe diem exhortation to REJOICE!...even amidst perplexity/adversity: better advice never earlier or better spoken. Later versions--Homer, The Preacher (who in Ecclesiastes like other exilic Hebrew authors borrowed heavily from Mesopotamian forebears--cf. Utnapishtim/Noah flood story verbatim), Kung Fu Tzu, Cicero, Marvell, et. al.--all footnotes.

She means literally a RE-joy-ing of oneself: revisiting/reviving our deciduous happiness in those important things that the gods haven't reserved for themselves (Ha). And especially in a nod to Fathers Day, how about renewing the joy in "the little child [young or old] who holds your hand [near or far]." Delight in your progeny, even in their separation from you for that is a form of successful parenting too (hold dear their distinct lives as they do), and be glad that those who are alive have been born, and are not...un-alive. A simple wonderment. No matter if the kid is thriving or striving, snuggling or struggling with the world--that's life. Pain, after all, is an infallible sign of it. Ah, Gilgamesh, we are all heroes in our own little epic poem. What fun!

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jd said...

Separateness is just another way of being together.