Saturday, June 14, 2008

#4 Happiness and the "Five-Fold Path"

"Since all knowledge and moral choice grasps at Good of some kind or another, what is the highest of all the goods which are the objects of action? So far as the name goes, there is pretty general agreement: Happiness [Gk. eudaemia]"--Aristotle, Ethics Book I. c. 300B.C.
"How do we achieve Aristotle's eudaemia (literally "good-spirit") or Happiness on this planet? Dedication to Life, Love, Freedom, Truth, and Justice."--Dr. J.D. 2008. Actually, Siduri the wine-maker defined these grandiose terms pretty concretely in the last post, and I will do so later at length, but I hope that this blog will travel that "five-fold path" through all of its postings. It's good to get some general principles out of the way early on.

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