Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#6 Gore endorses Obama

Lets all vote for Al Gore again! Or at least his stand-in. Common knowledge that he was robbed in 2000 by a well-meaning (at that time) Ralph Nader and a neo-con scheming Antonin Scalia. Strangely reminiscent of events in Tennessee in 1968, where his father Senator Albert Gore Sr, one of the ablest, most progressive statesman ever to sit in Congress--he was one of the brave few against the Vietnam war--was swept aside by Nixon's coattails and the "southern stategy" (read: racist). And we all know Nixon's legacy. Call him Bush Sr.

Gore Jr. may not have solved all of the problems he purported to in a spot-on satirical SatNiteLive sketch he did AS IF President over these not-so-funny Bush years, but hey, fill in the blanks. And it does get kinda personal: we worked (fitfully, I have to say) for Gore Sr. in 1968 when I was grad-schooling at Vanderbilt* (both Gores' law school)--only blue bumper sticker in our trailer park. Feared vandalism. To no avail: the Nixon southern mudslide elevated right-wing-nut idiot Bill Brock (of the candy fortune) to the senate seat. His legacy, like Bush's, shameful. Dustbin of history.

Eventually, Gore Jr. in a fine irony took his father's seat back. And we know the rest. (*A further coincidence: not only are we fellow Vandy grad-school alumni, but I was in the Harvard dorms for 10 weeks for a post-doc NEH seminar--dorms since made famous by roommates Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones. Ergo: I have to cast my vote for Obama!)

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