Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#59 VP-DNA: Update from "Slate"

Had I known of the following two articles appearing in Monday's edition of the above webzine, I probably would have skipped my blog yesterday and deferred. Check 'em out--
  • David Greenberg: "The Write Stuff: why Biden's plagiarism shouldn't be forgotten." AND
  • Jack Shafer: "What Kind of Plagiarist Is Joe Biden?: the unusually creepy kind."
Hey, these guys are professionals, after all. They go into greater detail than I did, and uncover a few MORE of the juicy ones that add to Biden's bill of indictment, I'm sorry to say. They seem to echo, however, the most troublesome aspect of the thing, as pointed out last post: it's not so much the dishonesty itself--Biden's probably atoned for that--but how EASILY he seems to slide into it. Borders on sociopathy. Let me just quote some of their summary remarks--
  • Greenberg: "Twenty-one years on, how much should Biden's past behavior matter?...if he's not done more of the same, as seems to be the case. But no one has looked into it. The press should give his record since 1988 a thorough vetting. It's worth knowing whether the odds-on favorite to be our next vice president has truly reformed himself of behavior that can often be the mark of a truly troubled soul."
  • Shafer: "If Biden lies with fluidity about the fundamentals of his life, other discoveries must await [emphasis mine]."
I have no doubt that this--call it a credibility problem--will become a much bigger issue for the Obama/Biden campaign than they may realize in the great flush of Convention high spirits. All of us having said all of that, however--I'd vote the Democratic ticket this year if the VP candidate were Kermit the Frog.

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