Sunday, August 10, 2008

#47 Sunday Sundries

Worst of the Week
  • John Edwards, etc. What a great disappointment. At one point I even thought about doing a little volunteer work for him. Dodged the bullet.
  • Russia attacks Georgia, my native state. Wasn't Sherman enough?
Best of the Week
  • The Olympics. If we could but time-machine ourselves BACK to 776 B.C. Greece and make the whole planet Pan-Hellenic for a moment--the Russians would have to lay down their arms. (So would we, in Iraq.) For such was the original spirit of the games: Peace. All war, anywhere in Greece, had to be simply called off. (Not a torch, but an olive branch was the icon in those days.) And it was hoped that after a few days of congregating, competing, and generally conviviating in beautiful downtown Olympia (great view), everybody would go back home and be reluctant to pick their arms back up again...for a while at least. Sometimes it worked. Today we're fighting battles by proxy right on the Olympic grounds. But that's all right. Even a fitful attempt at global harmony is better than none at all.

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