Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#48 Obama, Edwards, and VP-DNA

In "vetting" his Vice-Presidential hopefuls, Obama may not have to go to the molecular level,*** but thereabouts wouldn't hurt. What evil lurks...only the Shadow knows. Who woulda thunk it of clean-cut ($400 worth) John Edwards. Picture the outright DISASTER if he were chosen to be Obama's running-mate, a fortiori the party's nominee for President! "What if," indeed. Unfortunately, Edwards has succeeded in tarring the Democrats with the moral-turpitude-coupled-with-coverup-and-hypocrisy brush which up to now has been pretty exclusively applied to Republicans....and justifiably so.

But some good may come out of this--let Edwards be a kind of martyr in the cause of FULL DISCOVERY, total disclosure, complete fessing-up to whatever nasty bits fester in the closet for any V.P. wannabe. I know...I don't like it either. Privacy is precious. But, hey, if they want the job, they got to give up a little. (No names here: the V.P. sweepstakes on both sides is even more higglety-pigglety than it was pre-Edwards--though I wish Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia were still on the short-list.)

I would give the same advice to McCain (who's no saint in the domestic partner department--I read the book--but no hypocrite, either). To be bi-partisan and patriotic about it, I want to be proud of BOTH Presidential/V.P. tickets, and be able to say to those snooty Chinese, for example--"OK, we made a huge mistake with Bush/Cheney, but look at the world-class candidates that the American system of government has put up now as would-be world-leaders." Of course I also wish absolute annihilation on the Republicans. That's politics.

***And Rielle Hunter doesn't want to either. In the latest development in this sad story, Edwards' ex-mistress "wishes to maintain her privacy and her daughter's privacy. Furthermore, Rielle will not participate in DNA testing or any other invasion of her or her daughter's privacy now or in future...." according to her attorney. Well, SOME sperm-donor or other may have something to say about that, and a Judge, likewise. But here's the evil thought that entered my mind the minute I heard the news: What are little 5-month-old people famously noted for?--EXCRETIONS of all kinds from all manner of orifices at all times of the day and night (take it from me). Don't you know that some fame-crazed, money-hungry forensic papparazzo and others of his ilk are out there RIGHT NOW blood-hounding this little girl from trash-can to trash-can for just one speck of spittle. They'll find it, too. DNA will out, one way or another. And, by the way, this is the last hurrah for John Edwards Esq. in THIS blog.

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