Saturday, August 9, 2008

#46 John Edwards Revisited

It's been over two weeks since I wrote about the "Death in the Family" of local-boy John Edwards (#36 post 7/26)...and it hath now come to pass...FINALLY bursting out all over the Mainstream Media. Puzzling. Why did the MSM take so long to POUNCE? Is there really a "liberal media" out there, as many Neocons charge, protecting "their own"? I don't think so. Just tune in to Fox news, or check out Eric Alterman's What Liberal Media? where he disproves this notion pretty conclusively. No, I just think the MSM were the good guys here, benignly laying off till the very last minute for the sake of...Elizabeth Edwards. (I'm kind of in love with her, too.)

The MSM's near-silence on the matter had some legitimacy because it WAS one of those sniggering "Enquirer" stories, even though, on the other hand, it was (1) given some respectability by getting started in Slate, and (2) PROVEN beyond much reasonable doubt by the circumstantial evidence presented by the tabloid (security-guard testimony, among other things). They held back because the family was steeped in tragedy enough already--especially the stalwart Elizabeth: losing a son...soon to lose her own life...yet soldiering on in full support of her husband. The in-charge, kind-hearted MSM people simply didn't want to break the very, very bad news to her. Turns out she knew already. Two years ago. There's the real puzzle.

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