Sunday, July 6, 2008

#22 Sunday Sundries

Worst of the Week
  • Obama waffles on on Pro-Choice position.
  • Obama to extend Bush's "faith-based initiatives."
  • Obama compromises on warrant-less surveillance.
(What's going on with this guy? More in a later post.*)
  • NC legislator introduces bill to raise misdemeanor "hate crime" of displaying noose or cross to a FELONY if intent is to "intimidate." Free speech issue here.*
  • Tom Hanks' Charlie Wilson's War.*
Best of the Week
  • Jesse Helms dies.*
  • Tropical depression upgraded to tropical storm and dubbed "Bertha." Will it be a BIG Bertha? The TV Weatherguys&girls sure hope so. You can't miss the wild gleam in their eyes as they fondle their doppler. Katrina-addled, they seem to be mentally screaming Colin Clive's famous line, "It's alive! It's alive!" from Frankenstein. Finally. It's been two, long, dry years for them, despite always-hopeful predictions. They're hungry.
  • Wimbledon finals. Nadal over Federer. I just witnessed five hours (!) and five sets of the most competitive and entertaining tennis I've seen since the Borg/McEnroe years. (But wait, didn't I utter those very words last Sunday? extra charge for prescience.) Let's hope their rivalry endures for a while longer. Same goes for the Williams duo who excelled in the other exciting final. Venus finally beats "little" sister at Wimbledon. What a great All-England-Croquet-and-Lawn-Tennis Championship! I wonder who won the the Croquet play-offs?
  • Independence Day.*
  • McKenzie's 4th birthday.

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