Monday, July 14, 2008

#27 Blogging and Longevity

Good news for the Blogman and his Myriad Readers! The mere act of blogging daily (even sounds athletic, like maybe "jogging gaily"--in the old sense) has been shown to extend human life. Even past the century mark! It was reported today that one Olive ("Oh, live"?) Riley of Woy Woy (near Sydney) Australia blogged almost unto her last breath at age 108. All I can say is..."Woy"! Admittedly, she didn't start till last year, logging in over 70 posts ("logging in"... "posts"?--virtual heavy exercise).

But surely she had some sybillic notion of the weblog phenomenon long before it happened. This is clearly demonstrated by her curious prophetic habit, all her life, of "singing a happy song every day." I can't think of a more perfect definition of blogging. So this is what she did while waiting for computer technology to catch up with her, and it kept her alive until she could put her happy songs on the Web. I believe it. Means I've got 40plus years to go.

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