Thursday, July 17, 2008

#28 "Charlie Wilson's War" etc. Pt.3

"God told me to go into Iraq"--George W. Bush. Just like God told Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts) and the other principals that the secret war against the godless communists was a "Christian mission." Unfortunately, after Charlie and the CIA and, evidently, Jesus of Nazareth got through devastating Afghanistan, other gods took over, giving divine aid to Al Qaeda and the Taliban. So much so that I guess we're fighting Allah to this day. Lessons: (1) keep the gods out of it and (2) DON'T INTERVENE in foreign wars, civil or otherwise. (Amazingly, some influential god-nuts, even some in Congress, believe that the best way to solve the problems in the Middle East is to convert them all to Christianity--Jews not excluded!)

When has it worked? Justifiably? Not since being ATTACKED in the middle of WWII. Not Korea, Vietnam, Somalia--not even the elder-Bush's Gulf War of the '90's. We're back there again. (This is not even to mention all the other secret CIA operations that have always gone wrong--think Central and South America.) In the very last frame of the CWW movie there is a postscript quoting Charlie as saying he wished that after the Soviet's defeat we had provided reparations and secured a stable government for Afghanistan. Instead, after the Texas cowboy rode out of Dodge, the place reverted to ruination and radicalization--and 9/11. Another Texas cowboy rode in six years ago and declared, "Mission Accomplished." But this time he couldn't ride out unnoticed.

All right, there is a difference. Our incursion into Afghanistan WAS justifiable. We WERE attacked on the home front, and we had to take the posse into foreign territory to bring the outlaws to justice. How stark, on the other hand, is the contrast with Bush's invasion of Iraq. And how much more innocent blood must flow? No matter: like Charlie Wilson, Dubbya was on a mission from God. Take heed Obama, IF you are elected. Time has long ago run out for your latter-day, politically-pandering plans to "assess" the situation in Iraq (if that indeed is your current stance)--you're reportedly losing poll-points already. "Re-deploy"?... HELL!... get us the hell out, because, if anything, 'twas Hell, not God, that got us in.

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