Friday, July 25, 2008

#35 Obama Overseas and Under-polled

Well, I told you so. Obama has lost ground among registered voters since June, according to latest Gallup and other polls. And the way I read it, a slip in Independent voter-hood is the cause. More about that shortly. Ironically, the polls are through the roof in Europe. British, French, and German folk love him like a Kennedy to the tune of 60% or more. While McCain slumbers in the single digit range. Of course, he's not there, but I don't think those figures would change much, even if he were. They know him; seen him before as a G.W. Bush avatar, which perception McCain has done nothing much to dispel. Has this transatlantic Obamania translated itself back to the States? No. The Junish/early July polls had Obama with about a 6-8 point lead among most all voters, including Independents. Now he's down to a pathetic 43-41% lead over McCain. Here's the killer: he's now LOSING by a point or two (at best statistically dead even) among Independents.

I'm sure the drop is a result of his vote to allow Bush/Cheney to spy on us at will. Well, that IS the cold reality of it, after all. A lot of Independents (maybe most) are Libertarians like me, and although we maybe can forgive and forget the RHETORIC of vote-getting (Obama's waffle/shuffle--he calls it"assessment"-- positions on such issues as pro-choice and troop-withdrawal), with the warrantless-wiretapping vote Obama is MAKING LAW. It's on the books. No taking it back, or re-"assessing." I wring my hands.

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