Friday, October 24, 2008

#99 Friday Funnies--"Crashes" of One Kind and Another

Yep, the Economy crashed all right, but as either Hamlet or Horatio said, "Misfortunes come not one at a time, but in battalions." Attendant upon, it seems, the attack on our national financial structure by the armies of misfortune are the following major and minor skirmishes of this dark October week of 2008...
  • Computer crashed several days ago. I'm at this very moment keyboarding away in my inimical hunt and peck style (that's what she said) in my neighborhood public library. Wish mine were this state-of-the-art ... but, notwithstanding, this is why I haven't quite kept up with the "daily" part of the Daily Mosteller of late. It's not "due back from the shop" till next week. (I'll give the Myriad Readers a "consumer report" on the Geek Squad.) Meanwhile, expect only a post or two in the interim.
  • My body crashed last week. Intestinal influenza. No doubt due to the FOUL AIR excrescing from the political campaigns and "influencing" my very physical health (original meaning of the word/malady).
  • My watch stopped last Monday, kid you not. Needed a new battery.
  • I've had a bad toothache for a year.
Life does go on, however, minute-by-minute, in the most positive ways...
  • Grandson Marcus will celebrate his 7th birthday tomorrow.
  • President-Elect Barack Obama will move into the White House in February. Biden nearby.
  • Despite the vicissitudes of a random universe, here am I happily hunting and pecking on my 99th post. Who woulda thought...

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