Friday, October 3, 2008

#87 Friday Funnies--Palin v. Biden Show

Unfair. FOUL, I say. That we should have to award points for not falling FLAT on one's FACE.

After the Obama-McCain debate, I declared a TIE between the principals (#83), with the winner being the Issues transcending the debate ... ergo: an Obama win. No tie last night, though: (pretzel-logic alert) they each won their own separate debates. They might as well have been on opposite sides of the planet and 24 time zones away from each other ... for all their interaction. Face it: Palin could have appeared on an empty stage one hour before Biden and her verbal adventure would have been the same. No debate, really: "You Washington D.C. people, I don't care what kind of ... you know ... Senator Biden ... questions ... moderator ... I'm gonna speak directly to the American people ... darn right ... nookyuler ... you betcha (wink, wink)." I'm sure most of the Idiocracy were happy that she could manufacture real Words, one after the other, in whatever order. Substance doesn't much matter.

Of course she evaded the questions: she had no answers. Gentleman Senator Biden called her on that but once. But what could he do? Be accused of picking on a self-made ex-beauty-queen with an autistic child and a pregnant teenage daughter? No. He really did have to hold back. Had to defer to the out-positioning (girly-wise) and low-expectation-ing (perfomance-wise) that were framed in everybody's mind (including mine, admittedly) before the debate began ... lest he come off a know-it-all Bully-man.

But he won HIS side of the debate-with-self, too. Decisively. Like Obama, he had all the issues going his way. Except half-a-one: the War. He initially voted for it (and overall he's a bit too interventionist for my Libertarian money), before he was against it. He made up for that, I think, by being ever-so-much now: "We will end this war" (again and again)--please, if only for the sake of Sarah's recently-deployed son, Track Palin, who may at this very moment be DEAD (sorry) ... another innocent victim of the killing-machine that Bush built. And like McCain, she wants to keep it running!? "The Iraqi government will tell us when they want us to leave." Wow.

I couldn't help thinking all through the debate why John McCain couldn't have chosen an even prettier and smarter-by-a-long-shot running-mate with just as much experience ... the real thing => Tina Fey.

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