Friday, October 10, 2008

#92 Friday Funnies--Economic MADness

What, me worry? Having been trained at the Alfred E. Newman School of Political Economy, I don't got none. Umm, worryses, that is. AENSOPE's admissions policy is strictly limited to folk with a certified G.E.D. diploma, so that when we graduated, after many, many hours of dedicated study, we could be intellectually proud of our B.S. degree in Economics. World economics, I might add. In fact, emblazoned on OUR diploma (which means "folded," I'm told) and on the gravestone of our Founder is this motto: E pluribus pecunia. Mutuam commodo plus. Caveat promissor non illegitimi. Which is a universal cure for every kind of economic ill plaguing the Body Politic. Roughly translated from the Latin (I'm told), it means: "Print up lots of money ... lend it to whosomever ... but make sure the bastards pay you back ... at interest."

Why not? It's all on paper, anyway. About as artificial as the so-called "national debt." We can always fix bad paper with more paper, and it has ALWAYS worked ... eventually. I'm serious.

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