Sunday, September 14, 2008

#73 Sunday Sundries

Worst of the Week
  • Not so much Hurricane Ike himself/itself, but those incredible blockheads who refused to evacuate--why?: some said "pets" forcryingoutloud--thereby needlessly delaying and overtaxing legitimate rescue and recovery efforts.
  • Not so much the scurrility of the political discourse of late--the former can be kinda fun, and, anyway, be ultimately self-defeating--but the inanity of the scurrility. Positively jejune. "The lipstick is analogous to what?" "The pig to which?" "How does the pit-bull fit in?" "Or was it a Basset-hound?"
  • Not so much the high gas prices--we're gonna have those forever--but the mind-boggling, virtually instantaneous GOUGE...and pump-panic. Caused us to cancel a planned, relatively short trip, in hopes that things would at least stabilize soon.
Best of the Week
  • I'm groping for one here, but, alas, it's just been a bad week all around. Too much of Arnold's "darkling plain, where ignorant armies clash by night"...and by morning, noon, and all over the place, it seems. More light in the world next week perhaps. Lux Esto.

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