Sunday, September 7, 2008

#67 Sunday Sundries

Worst of the Week
  • RNC in general. Tone. I don't think I'm being overly partisan here, but, from the excerpts I observed, the speeches, when they weren't larded with Republican platitudes (which one cannot overly condemn)--reeked of smug sarcasm. Why should should the drum-beat references to Obama's early work as a "community organizer" bring on the snarky giggles, as if an audience-prompter were flashed on. Well, I guess it was. The line was always delivered with the SMIRK signal--Giuliani's was the best and smarmiest. Must've learned it from you-know-who.
  • The Palin pick. Wow!--McCain and Company thought--a Christianist and a Feminist all in one! She was cynically chosen to appeal to undecided women and/or evangelicals--very dubious odds there--but she may appeal to the true idiots amongst them. Much more about her in a closer-to-home context later.
  • US Open tennis. Stupid seeding, bad theater. Why did we have to see at least one of the brilliant Williams-sisters inevitably eliminated--Little over Big as it turned out-- in the quarter-finals section of the draw? They both should have stayed in for another couple of rounds, leading perhaps to another exciting finale on the order of Wimbledon last.
Best of the Week
  • US Open tennis. As it turned out though, the sisters gave us a virtual finale, on the women's side. Two hard-fought, tie-breaker sets--7-6, 7-6 in favor of Serena--meaning (think about it) that they were exactly even in games, the margin of victory decided by only a couple of points in each of the tie-breaks. As for the actual final (delayed by OUR tropical storm Hanna) between Serena and Jelena?--the latter gave it a good shot, but she weren't no Venus. By the bye, Could all these girly-girly names get any prettier? Among other examples, the Russian Darina Safina came close to making the finals!
  • Hurricane-manque' Hanna. Lots of free moisture for a drought-ridden land. Minimal damage, but still a delight for the now-Gustav-crazed weather-guys.
  • GRANDPARENTS' DAY today, as if you Myriads weren't aware. I've got about half-a-dozen (grandkids, that is) and, in one of those cosmic synchronicities that delight us seemingly all the time--today is also the BIRTHDAY of one of my lovely daughters-in-law, Kim. She's been one of the donors, you know.

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