Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#207 Health-Care Reforrn Strategy--"No-Pay"

You've heard of "co-pay." All right. Well, here's an alternative for those of us--just about every American below the the top 5% of income-earners in this country--tyrannized by the health insurance industry. No-Pay. Not my idea--it comes from none other than that populist and revolutionary on the far left, Mitt Romney. That's right, that same guy who has runwayed his neo-con Presidential pret-a-porter right through one campaign and is now dressing up for another ... is really a master of disguise.

He blew his cover last week though. It was inevitable. There are some things too difficult to hide. Like working, when he was Governor, with the late Ted Kennedy to provide a program of virtually UNIVERSAL health care (2% shy) for the people of Massachusetts. He did his best to obfuscate its glaring similarities with Obamacare during the news interview in question. Fail. Just too obvious.

So the Presidential aspirant had to resort to his secret code--perfectly understood by his fellow subversives and neo-anarchists. DON'T PAY YOUR MEDICAL BILLS. Very simple. This will bring the medical-industrial complex to its knees, no matter what happens in Congress and on Obama's desk over the next several weeks, or months, or never, involving our health-care system. If read cryptographically, the message rings out loud and clear from Romney's key response to whether or not he supports universal health care:
Oh, sure. Look, it doesn't make a lot of sense for us to have millions and millions of of people who have no health insurance and yet who can go to the EMERGENCY ROOM and get ENTIRELY FREE CARE for which they have NO RESPONSIBILITY, particularly if they are people who have sufficient funds to pay their own way. (video)
Here's the signal: Mitt Romney knows that his audience knows that ER care is not free. Far from it. He would want us simply to assume that he's aware it costs $800 just to walk in, and that figure, along with up to many thousands in additional costs, will be billed to the walker-inner and reported to the credit bureau and the county sheriff if not paid. Insurance or not. Otherwise, the alternative--that he's a complete idiot, or worse: a lying hypocrite--is unthinkable. So we must take his words as a call to action. There should be no doubt "Mittens" (undercover code-name) is telling his own "fifth-column" in the audience to spread the word to the uninsured and under-insured to become "refuseniks" in the cause. How? By simply taking out the fifth word of the above quote: "doesn't." Try it. Then it all makes sense.

Especially "revolting" are his last words, directed toward the middle- and upper-classes. Even if you have "sufficient funds to pay," or co-pay, your "own way"--DON'T. Support your under-class brothers and sisters in the fight for Reform. Truly radical.

Can we doubt such a man? Or his credentials? He's a straight-arrow Mormon, after all. Not to worry that he believes that Native Americans are descended from the lost tribes of Israel; that Jesus visited them in America after the Resurrection; that God lives on a planet near the star "Kolub"; and that Romney himself could become the god of his own planet--President of the U.S. be damned--sometime in the afterlife. Moreover, that last one makes him completely impartial, a disinterested party in the whole business. He doesn't even need health insurance: he wears magic underpants.

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