Sunday, January 3, 2010

#191 Biggest Shock Footnote: the Baucus Circle of Hell

Love it. Reminds me so much of Dante's layered concentricity of moral evil in the Inferno. This cherishable info-graphic is courtesy of the Sunlight Foundation. (To focus in on their story and the fuzzy print click here.) You can see the dollar signs well enough, and the corporate logos. Sunlight's research reveals that these health care giants "bundle" their GRAFT money--into the millions over the years for this powerful "Blue Dog" Democratic Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee --in two ways: direct campaign contributions from the corporation (light blue); and cash donations by their hired lobbyists (dark blue). In Baucus' case, instructively, he gets more pimp money from the guys huddling and schmoozing in the Capitol lobby than from their employers! He's yea verily be-smudged all over with the Lake of Pitch.

Enough said about this. But, my goodness, when I squint my eyes and superimpose Dante's Hell on the graphic above--there it is. Stratified circles of sin spiraling in and down to the center and bottom of all evil: SATAN, frozen in that icy-cold 9th circle of compound betrayal and FRAUD. Sorry, Max. Got carried away.

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