Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#116 "Mosteller Musings" Inaugurated

Announcing mostellermusings.blogspot.com, a companion blog, which can be accessed by clicking the "View my complete profile" button on this page.

Here's the deal: the DM has apparently evolved into a kind of running commentary (for what it's worth) on current newsworthy events ... mainly political, as my listing of labels informs me--more in the manner of the Daily Kos than I would have thought at the outset (even though I stole Markos Moulitsas' idea for the masthead). Or Tina Brown's Daily Beast. In other words, the DM relies on and is inspired by topicality ... What's the buzz? and What do I want to say about it? Important things, I should hope, that significantly affect our social and political lives.

So silly things are right out! Not really ... there's enough silly things/memes going about in the world that it's hard not to get mummery/silly right back ... in a rhetorically effective way , of course. How about the anti-Obama "birther" movement, so-called, an agit-prop seriously promulgated by several influential Southern politicians, which brands our President an illegal alien with a fake birth certificate?! So even when silly, the DM will stick with the topical and socially consequential, as far as possible.

The new blog will provide me with an alternate venue for truly random and not-so-urgent thoughts, facts, observations, quotations, book and movie reviews, a poem or two, and so on--like the "Sunday Sundries" I used to do, but now moved to a permanent time and place. The site should be sort of on the order of an old-fashioned "commonplace book" ( lit. trans. of L. locus communis), traditionally for jottings-down of one kind or another that would be of common or "community" value. (Folks like Francis Bacon and Mark Twain were famous for carrying one about for future reference and publication.) And in this vein I would encourage the Myriad Reader Community to click "comments" and contribute their own "jottings-down" to Mosteller Musings as the spirit moves.

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