Friday, March 6, 2009

# 112 The Blogman's Back!

Along with some Blogman-ipulation, date-wise ... forgive me. Real-time is actually June 11th, but I got so stuck on the narcissistic March 6th date (birthday numerology and all that)--that I thought I'd just fossilize it in a sort of hyper-entry announcing the true and authentic return of the Daily Mosteller in my very next blog.

Rash words ... considering the virtual half-year lacuna since the DM was fairly rockin' and bloggin' along with pretty regular regularity. I missed the March "comeback" because of some rather intransigent problems with computers, domestic partnerships, finances, living quarters, and mainly: Health (oh, quit whining)--all solved and salved now, and all of it ultimately having a kind of reverse-salutary effect such that the siren song of blogmanship seems to beckon even more loudly. Like my little piece of the blogosphere, the whole Earth-sphere has been in a state of ill-health for some months now, and needs some attention.

And June 11th is a birthday of sorts: My Very First #1 Entry (more of a test-pattern, really) was on that date and entitled "Of Youth and Age" (but in Latin--shamefully betraying certain scholarly pretensions for the blog ... but I'll never shake that)--comprising my aphorism: It's not you getting old ... it's OLD getting YOU! Now one year older for the blog and me, that little bit of chiasmus takes on even (ohwhatthehell) graver implications.

Moreover, there's a LOT to talk about!--so much more now since since I said that in my hopeful last blog in February. The true June 11th blog will, however, take us back to some unfinished business broached in the abortive DM #105--the post-election speeches of McCain and Obama in November of last year. Looking back at those endings for one of them, and beginnings for the other (and vice-versa?), may provide some insight as to how the contrasting venues and values represented have worked themselves out in practical terms over the succeeding months ... or not.

(Note the new template and a cute little thingamajig for forwarding e-mail, too. Hope the Myriad Readers approve.)

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