Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#110 Bloggus Un-Redivivus...Until 01/01/09

Sorry ... blogged too soon last post. Will have to take a grievously unwanted vacance from the DM and its Myriads till target-date 1 Januarius 2009. Just too painful to type, especially for a hunt-and-pecker (or so she said) ... like me. The "neuritis/neuralgia" (or whatever the bejeebies it is) has spread to left neck and shoulder blade. A good sign. It's still only a flesh wound. And will continue its progress till either neuro-homeostasis or brain death. One or the other by 1 Januarius 2009.

Meanwhile, in this dead, dark season of "bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang"--they actually do. The Bard evidently just didn't get up early enough. Despite the execrable early sunset, Winter Solstice is not far off ... and life abounds. I can feel it in my left shoulder at this very moment. Pain is an indisputable sign that you're not dead. And in a grand profusion of life-renewal, I've got TWO of my grandchildren celebrating birthdays this week. Same thing happened two-in-a-week last month. Fecundity in the midst of murkitudity.

Sol Invictus!

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